Nov 20th, Last CMASS Launch for 2004!

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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
I hate to say this... but there is only 1 more CMASS launch for the year. Lets make this launch a good one. Who plans to go, and what do you want to fly? Me? I plan to put my Sumo up on a G75. If I get my G-Wiz back in time, I plan to pop a H180 and H128 in my Super Glotova. If not, i'll fly it on a single H128 again, and pop the H180 in my Aurora.

I hope to see the regular crew there like Jim, Bob, Bill, Robert, Liam, Nikitta, Lamar. Remember folks... last chance to fly with us till April.
I should be there. Hopefully I'll have the Alien8 with me... :D

Also plan to fly the Tri-Glide again and maybe the payloaders.

if i can scrape some funds together to grab maybe another kit and some motors then i should have a good day. all i have are G80's and i dont feel like losing everything i have. lol. the AURA would be a bullet on a G80.
Maybe we can do some joint flights :). I have an Initiator, Mustang, and Arreaux that would love to fly on G80's :D. Both the Arreaux and Mustang are no stranger to G80's... I never flown my Initiator with one... yet (Although I did fly one of my Initiators with a G75-10J, that motor is more powerful than a G80 :D).
maybe. as long as you supply the magnelites. all i have are crapperheads.
Well since that is my wifes due date for our second child, it doesnt look like I'll be there.

"Just wait till April, bring out some big guns"

Have fun all
i'll have to bring hot chocolate this time. lol. last launch was brutal. the one before it was really cold too.
Originally posted by r1dermon
i'll have to bring hot chocolate this time. lol. last launch was brutal. the one before it was really cold too.

The last couple of launches the weather was a little "brisk" but not really cold. I left my heavy jacket in the car.

In New England, we don't consider it cold until your words get frozen when you speak and we have to take them inside to thaw so we know what you said. ;) :p

It was rather windy these last two though. I'll take the same temperatures with no wind.

I'll be there with my usual assortment of LPR.

My Outlander took some damage the last launch but I think it occured when the wind dragged it across the field. It's fixed but I think I won't launch it if it's as windy as last time.
yeah, well, it was brisk, but the wind chill is what really makes me shivver. i could stand out in shorts in 30 degree weather(if its sunny) but when you have a 20mph wind, it makes is SO much worse. i'll probably send my onyx(the one built by doug) up on a G80 if it isnt too windy. i definately would've retrieved the last one if not for the wind. it only escaped the field by 50 yards or so. if that.
I guess you get used to the cold when you are standing on a frozen lake ice fishing so this didn't seem real bad. I had a sweater and three different weight jackets in the car so I was OK.

Well, hopefully it won't be as windy as the last 2 launches.

I brought my old Orbital Transporter to both launches but didn't fly it because of the wind. I didn't even take it out of the car. Same with my old Cherokee-D. I could make new clones of these but I didn't want to risk the originals in those conditions.
so I won't be able to attend until my daughters get out of dance around noon so save me a spot to set up and yes I'll be trying out some new stuff:D It will be impressive. I only hope for good weather.:D
Originally posted by rocketdad0934
I'll be trying out some new stuff:D It will be impressive.

And hopefully stable... although the "bounce launch" of the Fat Boy at the October launch was impressive. ;) :p
I hope it warms up this week and the snow melts. I would like to get one more launch before winter.

Of course, after the lakes freeze, there are a lot of big launch areas. :D

Not warm launch areas, but big.
Originally posted by BobH48
I hope it warms up this week and the snow melts. I would like to get one more launch before winter.

The forecast has the high temperature increasing steadily until Saturday when it should be over 50. They don't say anything about the wind.
Originally posted by BobH48
And hopefully stable... although the "bounce launch" of the Fat Boy at the October launch was impressive. ;) :p

yes it will be string tested for stabilaty. I didn't care much for the near miss of the other flyers on the "bounce launch" though it was quite the show and not repeteable, I'm sure :D
doug, what do you have that can fly on that I357? because, im leaning towards a really light rocket from PML, and it is advertised at 4500ft on an I357. so i think im going to use an H. its a lot more economical. because the matrix is like, 150 bucks. and i'd rather spend that on some type of scale model. so if you want, i'll let you fly the I for 15 bucks. so its like a 50/50 deal. you pay half, i pay half, you worry about a zipper, i enjoy the liftoff.:D also, i'd like to see that aerreux on a G80. that'd be sweet.

oh yeah, i want to load it too, so that i can get the hang of it so there will be no issues next season.
Tell you what, Instead of $15, how about I supply you a H128 for your level 1 flight? That I357 would work nicely in the Aurora, and of course you can load it... its your case afterall ;).

Oh, np on the G80 in that arreaux :D... and it is sweet! I did that once in my high schools football statium during a pep-rally. Actually got it back too.
hey man, that sounds cool. i think the H128 would put this thing up around 2500, which is where the matrix would be on that I. so yeah, i'll do that swap. sounds good. thanks man.
i was also wondering about the 38/480 casing. the dr. rocket one. it came with a seal disc, what exactly is that for? and why dont the smaller 38mm casings need that seal disc. its been eating at my brain for a while. lol.
The 240 and 360 loads use paper liner tubes, but when you get to the 480 size case, the operation temperature of the motor gets high enough that phenolic is used as an liner instead of paper. Also, they discovered after bubbling up several cases, that the paper seal disk is no longer efficient, so they replaced it with the seal ring... which is the only part of the Aerotech RMS motor that uses an o-ring appropriatly.
oh ok, 10 should be fine. can't wait to see the I357 scream off the pad, it should be quite a show.
ok, i've decided that the AURA will take to the sky on a G80. weather permitting. they said it might be cloudy. but warmer at least.
Right now I am planning on being there.
I have a couple H165 Redlines for that 29-180 case if you want to buy one of those for your L1. I have one H238T left from this summer as well. I'm not trying to screw up your deal for the H128W and the I357. Just offering options to someone trying to cert. Your choice on whether you want the red, white or blue. Either way - good luck on your cert flight.
Both are the standard 10 second delay.
oh, lol, burn those puppies away, unless you'd like to trade that redline for an H128, i'd love to cert on a redline. im not going to cert until the start of next season. and i do plan on burning many thousands of newtons on opening day. hehehe. actually, how much are you asking for that redline? would you consider a trade for a couple G80-10T's? i've got 5 on hand and i'd give 2 for an H reload, especially a redline. i'll give you ignitors with em too. just a thought.:D
No thanks on the G80's. I don't want to send my daughter's (3 year's old) AT Initiator to the moon and loose it. Dad would be a big heel if he did that........
I bought a pile of 29_180 reloads before I ever launched anything beyond a Estes "D". My L1 bird (Tethys) came out a LOT heavier than spec - so I don't have many options in burning these reloads. It flies well on the H238T - but I only got about 700 feet. I have H128's as well as the H165R's and H238T so no need there either.
If anyone wants them - whatever the going rate is is fine by me. I'm not trying to be a motor dealer or make any cash - just fair market value - I'm just selling off what I will have a hard time using myself and trying to help out others. I may need to get a 3" kit just to use these.......