NOTICE: FlisKits closed during NARCON

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Jan 17, 2009
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I've updated the website, but I wanted folks to know that

FlisKits will be CLOSED during NARCON.

Officially, we will be closed from Thursday, March 11th through Wednesday, March 17th.

All orders received during that time will be processed and shipping will begin on Thursday, March 18th.

All orders received, whether they ship or not, will receive an order status by the close of business Thursday, March 18th.

As you can see from our web site, our shipping department is now closed and will re-open one week from today.

See you at NARCON!
Jim, have a safe trip and take lotsa pictures! (Like I have to remind you!) I'm seriously looking forward to Whitakers '04. You guys getting together up there for rocketry is getting me anxious!
Soooo, if we bombard him with orders while he is eating Bratwurst and cheesecurds in Wisconsin, do you think we can get some "overdues" outta the deal???:cool: :cool:
He might, but let's not go and put the guy out of business here... I personally really like his kits! I wasn't planning on buying any at my last launch, but that Deuce kit was just looking so... so... desperate to be built. I HAD to buy it!

well, we're back! :)

Great trip and after I get all settled and through my mail, i'll submit a full trip report (with pictures!)