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Jul 12, 2001
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Just wanted to let you guys know... The admins have received emails as the result of a spam bot emailing everyone with the @rocketryforum.com address. Most of them mention something about your email privileges have been revoked or some crap like that. I've received 3 separate ones this morning but each include a .pif file and want me to click on it. I do not expect these emails will go to anyone except the admins but I did want to make sure everyone knew.

First, if your privileges are ever revoked (and I hope they aren't) you will be notified via private email and not an automated email from the forum. Even questions sent to techsupport@rocketryforum.com receive an answer from a private email.

Second, never, ever, ever, ever will emails from the forum include an attachment. Therefore, never, ever, ever, ever click on the attachment on an email that seems to come from the forum.

If you receive a suspicious email from what appears to be from rocketryforum.com I would prefer you ignore it but you can forward it on to techsupport@rocketryforum.com to bring it to our attention.

Well, that is it. Back to your regularly scheduled rocket chatting. :)


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Jan 18, 2009
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I sure do appreciate all the stuff that you administrators and moderators do for TRF. Thanks for all your time and attention to keeping this thing running!

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