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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi Gang,

My local NAR Chapter has 1/2A Boost Glide on the next competition launch listing. So I decided to build a model for it.

I dug out one of my MPC Delta Katt boost glider kits. These were designed by G Harry Stine for mass production, so I figured that it could not be too complex.

Well, the years did their toll on the balsa in the kit, and every piece was warped.... so I carefully selected some strong grained, light balsa for the fins and wings, and some good C grain for the glider body, and I created new balsa parts.

All of the other parts on the kit are stock MPC. I did glue in the engine block to fit ESTES motors however, as MPC 13mm motors were much longer.

The glider is 'finished' with black and orange highlighter for low weight and high visibility. The pop-pod is painted orange.

I trimmed the glider with some clay, and ensured that the hook just about falls out of the pop pod anchor, but will hold in boost position.

I hope to get in a few test flights maybe tonight, or this weekend...

So, it is not really a clone, but not totally original either.


Here are a few pics:
Ummm... I guess adding the pictures would be a good thing to do.... :rolleyes:
That thing is purty sweet, Fred. Great Job!


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Hey Fred,

Check your PM's - the site says your mailbox is full, and I keep getting email returned too as if your email box is full too.

Nice looking bird!