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Jan 18, 2009
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But this has me kind of bummed out.
One of the comedians that I have enjoyed, Rodney Dangerfield, passed away today.
His self-deprecating jokes are/were right along my sence of humor, I too tend to tell jokes at my own expense.
He has my respect.

I agree.I've been laughin' my hide off at him since before i can remember.Let's not forget all of the others that we enjoy who owe their careers to Rodney.People such as Jim Carrey,Tim Allen,Roseanne Barr,Jerry Sienfeld and Chris Farley amongst others.
Rodney Dangerfield talking to God

sad to hear of his passing, he never failed to have me rolling on the floor laughing my tail off! he will be missed.
"I went to the fights the other night...and a hockey game broke out."

RIP Rodney
Rodney always used a tag-line similar to "I don't get no respect."

I guess it would now be proper to pay our respects to him.

One funny dude. Vaya con Dios!