Nose cone stuck due to paint, how to remove?

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Feb 10, 2017
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I may have seriously messed up a brand new rocket. Last night I spray painted the nose cone of an Estes Expedition, a bit of paint got on the collar. A couple of hours later, after the paint had apparently dried, I placed the NC on to the airframe and it fit perfectly, not tight at all. However, this morning it was completely stuck when I tried to remove it. Guess the paint on the collar was not totally dry. If I try to use any more force, I'll ruin the airframe. Is there some way to loosen the cone?
Thanks for any advice,
Bigger ejection charge?

But seriously, if you can't twist it off and pop the paint bond, can you knock it out from the inside with a long dowel? I wonder if a heat gun would soften the bond.

If you have one of Estes' tube cutting tools (the yellow plastic 2-piece ring that slides on the tube), you might be able to place that on tight enough to hold the tube just under the cone while you twist the cone out.
Thanks, Rick. I got it out! Just left it in the bathroom for 15 minutes with a hot shower running and that was enough to loosen it.
In the future, it is good to remember that paint (particularly enamel, which is what most of us use) takes quite a long time to fully cure. After a few hours it's just barely getting started. :)
FWIW, if I am going to paint with the cone off, I usually stuff some paper towels or a rag in the end of the tube so that paint doesn't get in there.