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Jan 18, 2009
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I got a F-G Northcoast Rocket and Do they still make the BlackStar motors for them?
The DarkStar motors have been out of production for years. You might find some up for auction.
Any of the econojets will work.

But!!! if it's a North Coast rocket the motor tube is small!!!

28.5mmm instead of 29mmm I think.

Unfortunately the motor tube for the NorthCoast kits (the newer ones made by estes) is a tad smaller than a standard 29mm motor mount. Thus, standard motors won't work in these. When I built mine, I replaced the mount with a standard size, but put in a motor block for econoject sized motors. I wanted to use longer motors, so I operated and replaced the mount. You could do the same, or even try to sand the current mount to fit. These kits will fly great on standard F's and G's (an H's) so it is worth your time to retrofit.

Is your rocket built? You didn't say.

Shouldn't be impossible to remove the motor tube and replace it.

Grab some of the paper liner with a pair of needle nose and unwind it! sorta...


if you replace the motor mount make it long enough fo at least an "H" motor ( 12 inched should be enough).

Use it for your Level 1 attempt!

My Aerotech RMS case fits just fine in my newer North Coast 28.5 tubes. A little tight...but it fits.
The RMS cases fit fine but the single use motors, which have a somewhat wider diameter, do not. I just unwound the inside of my motor tube (like sandman explained) and it works perfectly now
I agree with sandman of course. I must have had a brain fart when I suggested to sand the inside.

BTW, which kit is it?
Oh, yea...I forgot too!

What kit is it?

whew...:eek: brain gas!

Someone or ROL auction has one DarkStar F62-6 and an Aerotech G80-4 together. The high bid right now is $40.50

Sound, smoke,and speed these 2 motors wont let you down!!! You get 1 North Coast F62-6 Dark Star and 1 Aerotech G80-4 Fast White Lightning (copperhead igniter included) Both are 29mm. single use. Both are awesome!!! Buyer to add $5.00 for ground shipping only, bids from the lower 48 only, money orders only.

Originally posted by sandman
Any of the econojets will work.

But!!! if it's a North Coast rocket the motor tube is small!!!

28.5mmm instead of 29mmm I think.


AT RMS 29/40-120 fits in the standard NCR tube. I have had good success that way.

When I built mine I had no idea that the mm tube was just a fraction smaller until I went launch it. I had to sand down the casing in order for it to fit. Once I shoved it in there, it flew great.
You will really enjoy this rocket, it flies great and looks impressive on the launch pad. It is one of my personal favorites.
Here are some pictures.
great pics. I would sand down the motor tube or peel it out though that way you don't need to sand down a motor every time you go to fly your rocket
Originally posted by rstaff3
Sand down the motor casing....(shiver down the spine)....

Me too rstaff!!

I have an Intercepter, but have not flown it yet. I'm going to use the RMS and I know it fits. Anyone that has flown theirs on the 29-40/120, what motor did you use?
Also what's a good price for one of these kits if you can find them.
I don't like the basswood so in mine I made all the fins and CRs out of 1/8 plywood. I also added the Aerotech engine hook.

Im gone try to bore the mount but im just gonna keep this for mid-power because im getting ready to buy a new kit for my level 1 attempt
This past Saturday at BlueSkies 1, I saw for my first time several unique rockt engines still in their original packaging: several F62 NCR Darkstar composite motors...... I believe one of two was burned....and they worked perfectly....I also saw a RocketFlite H180 BP motor!...this thing also worked perfectly for ir to be a 11 year old BP motor.....amazing...
Here's a picture of my NCRBE (North Coast Rocketry By Estes) Phantom 4000 model launching on an NCR F62-4 Dark Star motor.
Lot's of nice, dark smoke!

This picture was taken at NSL 2002 by Tom Beach.
Yeah, I liked those motors. Wish Estes would bring them back.
Originally posted by rstaff3
Yeah, I liked those motors. Wish Estes would bring them back.

I liked the Dark Star motors, also. I never had any problems with them.

As for Estes bringing them back, I'd say there is zero chance of that happening. There's no supporter for that kind of product in the company, anymore.
I agree there is no chance of Estes getting back into composites. But I still wish they would. For that matter I'd like to see anybody else get into mid power composites.
Originally posted by n3tjm
Estes stopped producing the motors after their big fire. My guess is they decided not to reinvest in composites.

Estes had already decided to discontinue the NCR product line before they had that fire. The big loss in the fire were many molds for old Centuri kits. I believe the molds for the 1/45th scale Little Joe II were among the items lost.

Why does the JimZ's site not carry any of the Northcoast rocket plans like the rest of the Estes products? I realize when looking at his site that all the rockets fly on either A, B, C, or D motors, as the site is dedivcated to all low-power.

I guess what I am getting at, is that Estes did venture into the realm of mid-power, and with a limited product line, that maybe a small section of the site could be dedicated to it. I might still have the instructions for my Lance Beta and SA-14 Archer, that I could donate.
Sounds good to me, but it's up to JimZ. He may see this post at some time, but you could always email him and ask.
Let me add my 2 cents,
I have both the X Wing Fighter and the
Interceptor G.
I built the X Wing before I knew about the motor issue but as mentioned earlier RMS hardware fits just fine.
If not built yet then, sure replace the MM with a true 29mm (the centering rings would need to be opened up a bit too)
If already built I would not peel anything away as the NCR motor tubes are already kind of thin.
Last point is, as mentioned many times on this forum, its not a bad idea to get some mid power RMS hardware.
Saves money in the long run and gives you practice loading motors before you take the big step into HPR.
Best of luck
Don't missunderstand my "pealing away" comment.

I didn't mean to peal a layer of the motor tube away.

I meant that you could peal away the whole motor tube and replace it.

Much more better!