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Just the other day i saw an oven mitt for sale, it was nomex with some kevlar as well(!), but it was $15 just for one, and it wouldn't make more than one or two 'cute protectors.
Also i've heard that the suits that firemen wear are nomex, so if you could find an old suit you'd have a bunch of nomex, but once agian i haven’t tried this;)… any other cheap ideas for nomex, guys??
Originally posted by zcases
I just got some nomex from McMaster, but it is a real coarse weave - like burlap. Anyone have a good source for nomex suitable for d-bags?


What you bought was a piece of regular non-aramid kevlar. McMaster sells other fibers as well. The best I have seen is the nomex cloth. Beware, this is not the end all cure all for wadding but if used wisely will last for ever. If you just want a few sheets I sell it in 4 inch and 6 inch widths which is good for most model rocketry applications.
Comes complete with eyelet already installed.
8 inch

6 inch

4 best seller 4PACK!
Try contacting Doug Pratt of Pratt hobbies, He used to make and sell Launch pad Nomex blankets. I know he still sells nomex heat shields so he may be able to help with your larger size request. OBTW he stoppped selling the pad blankets due to the HIGH cost of the Nomex cloth. heres the web site

McMaster has a huge selection and lists over 100 nomex(r) cloth combionations. You probably just searched for nomex and then clicked on fabric nomex.

What you want is to Search for Nomex. Click on other. Click on nomex fabrics.

You will get a huge selection page. Select thickness 0.030" and you might find the material you were looking for. Price is $14.80 per linear foot in 40" widths or $4.40 per square foot which isn't too bad if you need a lot.

ACP-Composites has a satin-weave kevlar (aramid) 50" wide 4.8 oz cloth WF-23 @ $24.00 Per Yd. that might also work.

Bob Krech
How much nomex do you need? You can go on ebay and for $20 you can get a nomex flight suit that is military decomissioned. I don't know how good a shape they are in but there is a lot of cloth there..