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Oct 30, 2009
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Hey everyone here is another question. I have a LOC Forte, LOC Tomahawk, and Madcow Super DX3. I have nomex parachute protector and nomex shock cord protector for those three rockets. What is the best way to prepare those rockets for launch? The two LOC rockets have elastic shock cords and they attach to the body tube using a piece of nylon string and epoxyed in place and the Madcow rocket has a nylon shock cord that attaches to an eye bolt on the forward centering ring. Do you stuff the Nomex chute protector down the body tube like you do with recovery wadding or do you wrap it around the parachute itself up near the nose cone? Now the shock cord protector, do I just slide it over the shock cord all the way down to where it is anchored on the rocket? Any suggestions will be helpfull. Please go in depth with your answers so I can be sure to get it right so that I will not mess up my recovery system.

Andrew Lathrop
I have the super DX3 as well. What I was told to do and what I did was wrap the chute in the Nomex like a burrito. I then put that in first. I did not slide the Nomex all the way down. I then put the remaining shock chord in. Seemed to work very well. Hope this helps.

I always make sure that I fasten the nomex protector about 12" outside of the body tube. That way it is unlikely that you will have a recovery failure because the "laundry" didn't fully eject. Run a nomex harness protector from the chute protection down to the bulkhead. I usually use safety pins to attach the nomex so it doesn't slide up the harness.