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Aug 20, 2003
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Two newsletters in a week? We don't want to risk Deepsky fatigue but...

Nochex has decided that we are legit after all!

Deepsky has even been "upgraded" to "Plus" status which we guess means that we are right up there with all the porn merchants and international ne'er-do-wells that can prove they have a chequing account and can show their director's recent utility bills.

Woo hoo! Thank you, Nochex ;-)

You can once again use Nochex for credit/debit card purchases up to £99 without mucking about with any registration!

Richard Branson's mob has delayed the Estes new Space Ship One models! We are told that it will take a couple more weeks so that the Virgin marketing department can OK Virgin Galactic logos for the kits ;-( All for a £100,000 fun fair ride ticket that won't happen until 2007 at least. Hmmmm.

The latest report is that the other new Estes models will be available in a week or two with the Space Ship One model coming in nearer the end of the month. Get your order in now as Deepsky's initial allocation is going fast. One customer actually saw the Estes model at the Space Ship One launch and tells us that it is really worth the wait...

Cesaroni's application for CE marking for high power motors has been moved up to the next level. Hopefully this is the last hurdle before every little boy's and girl's long dreamed of Pro38, Pro54, Pro75 and Pro98 (!) motors can appear !! legally!! beneath the tree on Christmas morning. It's almost time to re-purpose those motor casings that have been turned into wind chimes ;-)

Deepsky now has Robart SuperStands that answer the eternal question: How am I supposed to work on this @#%& rocket without scratching the paint or having bits of it roll off the bench onto the floor?

The SuperStand is £9.99 and the bigger and more deluxer SuperStand II is £17.99. They are ideal for just about any reasonable sized rocket (up 3 to 4 inch diameter). They are light, break down flat and are immune to meths but not CA.

Deepsky have just been appointed the UK agent for Defy Gravity Tethers for High Power Rockets. If you haven't seen one of these gems and heard about all the ways they can work in your rocket, you have a pleasant surprise coming. Simply put, they can turn almost any Level 1 rocket with a single recovery bay into a dual deployment rocket.

Judging by the number of HPR kits going out the door, faith in future supplies of AP motors is waxing... we are now restocking our LOC Precision, Public Enemy, Binder Designs and BSD kits but still have some to hand. If there is something special you have in mind, give us a bell and we will include it in our next order.

We've been working through the web site, trying to get the inventory levels sorted, updating descriptions and messing about with the pictures. Most of the price adjustments have been down (though a few have been up, sadly).

Sunward Aerospace's new owner rang and we are working on a new deal for those great rocket fighter models. To kick off our renewed relationship and bring the UK prices into line, Deepsky is putting all the remaining stock of Sunward Desert Fox, Ice Storm and Maverick models on sale at 50 per cent off. Once we get the new stock in we are expecting prices to be well below current retail. Great kits and lower prices! It must be Christmas!

New kits are flying in thick and fast and we are struggling to get them up on the site in between packing boxes and sending them off. Keep checking the site for new stuff added daily.

We'll give you a rest from more newsletters for a week or two unless we get an important update on the X-Prize kits or the HPR motor CE project.

See you at EARS for the November event that always ends with a bang!

The Deepsky Team