No more blob 8( A new v-2

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Jun 13, 2004
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im going to get 5.38 inch tube and 2 5.38" cones and 50 inch parchute!

5.38" will be all loc stuff

The 5.38"will weigh 3.39 pounds when finished dry weight!
Im looking for people who have loc 5.38 nose cones or body tubes anything would be awsome but i wont pay more than there worth!!

Ok so im going to lauch it on a mid powered engine so what engine would be best thanx all

Your 5.38" cones are going to cost you more than just money, they will cost you in weight as well. What materials were planned for the fins, centering rings, etc?? Your weight concideration should include any eyebolt hardware needed as well.

If indeed this V2 stays in the 3.9 pound range, then I would pick a motor that burns real fast, like the limited addition G80 White Lightning motors. Magnum is usualy the only one that gets to sell them, and it only happens once or twice a year. A fast burn G104 might work, but I have no experience with this reload.

H128 would make dance :D but if you are not eligible for L1, then that is not an option...

good luck