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xx No longer for sale: never used CTI 4G 98mm casing

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Len B

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Jan 19, 2009
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BC, Canada
Hello there,

I recently listed the 4G casing on an RP auction. I know some people hate auctions (especially those with a reserve) so I will list it here for sale.

This is for a casing only. No closures or other accessories. Well, the plastic container is included. :)

I will offer this for sale for US$210.00. Please send me a PM. It is located in Canada. The actual cost of shipping will be paid by the buyer. I am happy to take it to the post office to get shipping estimates. My only requirement is that I will only ship with a method that includes tracking and about 2 dollars worth of insurance.

I will accept PayPal and money orders.


Len B