no launch rod, no launch lug, what do you do?!?!

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Apr 7, 2004
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Well. Have anyone of you all ever had the urge to launch a rocket, but with a couple of problems? i.e. no launch rod or launch lug? Well, a buddy and I resolved the simple problem!

First, find a suitable rod for your needs. We used a short wooden dowel that was used to keep some house plants from growing crooked.

Second, find some tape.

Make a little ring of tape, with the stick side facing outwards. Then stick the ring of tape on the rocket, as if it were a normal launch lug. Then wrap a new piece of tape around the launch lug and the body tube. Go to your launch site and cover the launch area with a non-flammable material. We just found a large spot of dirt. Shove the rod into the ground, in our case the wooden dowel. Slide the rocket over the rod, and voilla! A quick and simple launch rod and launch lug that works!

An easier solution is to use whatever dowel you can find and two paper clips bent into loops.

Wouldn't the paper clips go against NAR rules of not allowing any metallic objects being used on the rocket?

Ha, I'm just giving you a hard time. Good idea though! Wish I could have thought of that!
The NAR rule in use of metal is only for structual parts (body tube, fins, nose.

Hence, you can use a metal engine hook, for example, and metal launch lugs would be fine also.

fwiw :)

I've been hanker'n for a while to build a small launch tower...

three or four wooden dowels mounted together on some type of base plate...(or even in the ground) and no launch lug...

It will just slide up the path created...
i thought the nar spoecified a minimum of metal parts...

i do think it's against the rules to allow the rocket exhaust to directly hit the ground, bare or not.