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Jan 25, 2004
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Today I got a 5.5" Nike Smoke as a "summer project". My dad told me I should do a construction log on TRF, so I decided to. I got the kit in a HUGE box, and the minute I got it I took pictures of the parts and began to build. I built the motor mount in about 10 minutes, attached the shock cord, and into the body tube it went. Right now, I am wating for it to dry right now!! I will post pictures as soon as I can get them loaded!!
I love the Nike Smoke - please post lots of pictures. Who manufactured your kit?
Next is everything that came with it (except for shockcord and hardware... I forgot about that but got a pic of it later)
This is the U- Bolt hardware for the shockcord, the shockcord, and the railbuttons are somewhere in there!
This is the motor mount in the body tube... I cant seem to get the file of the motor mount out of the body tube sized down
This is the rocket with the 1st pair of fins on it. The second pair will be on their tomorrow morning!! By the way, sorry all those pictures were blurry, I am not the best picture taker so they get blurry a little!! sorry!!
more pics will come tomorrow. To finish my construction log for today, I put the nose cone bulkhead in there and epoxied it in there with 24 hour epoxy with micro fibers. It was easy to epoxy in there, the only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that the nosecone in made out of fiberglass and if you are sticking your hand and arm in there... well most of you know what it is like when you get fiberglass all over you. Ouch!! Also i put the first 2 fins in, don't even need the tape like the directions say, the fin slots are so tight that just make sure the make a 180 degree angle and it will stay that way. More to come!!
should be 180 ;) looks very cool. I see you are wasting no time. I hope you sanded the FG before you put the fins on, it will be a pain to after

Dang you, yours came before mine did!!!:kill: :mad: ;) :p

Well, I should be getting a big long box in the mail also, soon enough...:D

We REALLY need to drag-race...:D

Any tips on construction for me before I build mine?

Did you do anything that I shouldent do, or anything extra that I should?

[subtle] Did you get a chute yet? [/subtle]

The info thing says you need to supply your own... For $200, you would think they would just give you a chute, and a heatshield...:rolleyes: Did you buy the heatshield thing too? I did... It doesent come with one standard, I dont know if it has them on the Scale Rockets webpage (thats where you got it, right? I got mine at Whatsup hobbies...). The Whatsup hobbies page sez you need a 36"-50"... 45" would suit you best IMHO... Got one sitting right here matter of fact... ;) [/subtle, again] :eek:

Good luck finishing it! Me wanna see more pics.... :D
chutes that big are wicked expensive, the kit would cost wayyyy more otherwise
Yea, I guess so. And if they gave me a 36" chute, I would replace it with one of my 45" ones anyways...:D :rolleyes:

They arnt that expensive... not to make, anyways... :D The ripstop really doesent cost that much, and two yards go a loooonnnnggg ways..
Well my dad figured that bigger would be bette so her got a 60" chute.... Ya I got the nomex sheild too. Since I got a custom parachute, the sheild and chute should have been shipped yesterday. Accually, I don't have any advice because the instructions are so straight forward that it is really really easy!!
Plus, it "says" it can handle 36 to 50" chute but the guy I talked to about it said that 36 would be to small so my dad decided bigger was better and we got a 60". soo
Wow! you built most of it in a day? Sweet! I may have to get me one of these... Hmmm... $200 price tag... :mad:
60"!?!??!?!??!?!? Thats gonna float and float and float and float...:eek:

Mines going to have the 45" after all...

Well, if you get one, we will ALL have to get together and drag-race!!! Howbout J570s? :D;)
you'll be surprised, a 60" will probably be perfect or maybe even too small...

I used a 50" on my 4-5 pound NCR Archer clone, came down just about perfect...

60" should be fine for that much should it weigh when you're done?
If built per instructions and you dont over build it, it should come about 6 lbs. I dont know tho because mine already feels more than 6 lbs with everything but 2 fins on?? I could be mis- judging tho.
100 posts! Not bad!

Well, I also have a 56" sitting around that is for my S&F, but I can easily switch it back and forth with a quick link... I could use that if it turns out too heavy...
now that I think about it a 60" should be perfect, good choice!

A glassed 5.5" rocket will not be light, lol. Looks good though, keep it up!!!

Do you plan to friction fit for motor retention?
If you plan to friction fit make sure its tight......I learned that the hard way:(
Im going to put a nuts n bolts retention system in mine...

It says its only about 6#... Thats not too bad...
Wait a second... The aft CR is glued in? How are you going to get fillets in there? If you ask me, something that size needs some foam or inside fillets...:confused: What do the instructions say about that?:confused:
with some nice big external fillets with chopped glass he will be fine. maybe even a layer of 4oz glass tip to tip
Yep, I made that mistake. I think we are going to put some good fillets on it and maybe a few strips of fiberglass.
Hm... How wide are the fin slots? If they are wide (maybe quarter inch or more), you might be able to stick a piece of cardstock the same lenth as the fin slot through the two slots that you dond have fins in yet, and pour epoxy in through there. Then you would get inside fillets on at least two of your fins...

Ill have to make sure I dont make that mistake...

Has anyone here ordered from Whatsup hobbies? How long does it take them to get a package to you?:confused: