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Jul 2, 2002
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does anyone have any info on making Scale Nike smoke decals? like what sizes and the type of font, as there are a few people on here building Nike smokes (Polecat 1/3 scale Nike's!) but i haven't seen any info on decals and now i need some for my Nike

The only decals on the Nike Smoke is one "UNITED STATES" in large stenciled letters.

Find out what size you need and go to a local marina (gee, you live on an island, that shouldn't be hard).

See if you can find someone that can cut vinyl lettering like for the name on the rear of a boat.

ahh yes but thing this is how do i find out what size i need? ROTW doesn't have any details on the decals

This ones is at the best angle for sizing based on motor diameter.
By those pix, I'd want to say that it is about 5-6 inches tall, if the body diameter is 16".

does anyone have any info on making Scale Nike smoke decals?

Hey, I'm sure you know this already, but my TARC team is cutting custom vinyl to sell. If the decal is around 3" tall, we can get it to you for about $5. Just email me at [email protected] if you would like an exact quote.

I wasn't trying to ignore you, in fact I thought of you first!

But look at matt's location. Auckland, N.Z.

New Zealand is a long ways away, the shipping may be kinda high.

But, maybe not.

It wouldn't cost too much. Maybe $2? I've shipped small packages to Japan for about $3 via USPS.