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Apr 21, 2011
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I am building a Herc that is upscale from an Apogee plan pack.
The booster section has 4 3" clustered body tubes 27" long containing 4 39mm motor mounts and the sutainer is 6" by 31" (I know not to scale, should be 5.5",but have to work with whats on hand)54 mm motor in sustainer.
There is a tailcone on the sustainer 6" to 4" That will sit in an inverted cone in the booster.
Now here is where I need some advice.
How best to separate the booster, ignite sustainer motor and deploy chute?
I have heard that another Herc that seperated via motor thrust alone suffered significant damage.

Sorry no pics yet. Just a bunch of tubes laying around.
Wire an ejection charge into the circuit that you will use to ignite the upper stage...the charge will go first, giving theoretically a second or two for the sustainer to come up to pressure...this should allow the booster to be clear of full ignition of the sustainer.

I have just such a project 30% complete, (4) 38mm staging to a 38mm...5.5" tubing available through LOC Precision.

Good Luck