Nike-Apache recovery question?

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I plan on building a scratch built Nike-Apache. Where on the rocket should I have it seperate for recovery? I could drill out the balsa transition but the top of the rocket uses a BT50 sized tube. So there is not a lot of room for a parachute.

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Separate at the base of the transition...more parachute room!

Do you think it would look weird coming down like that? Is that how they do it on similar kits like the Estes Nike Ajax?

Is that how they do it on similar kits like the Estes Nike Ajax?

Yes, and the Pro Series Terrier Sandhawk too!

Oh yea...on the Estes Nike Apache also!
Here's a "rule of thumb" that I've been using - but I don't have enough personal experience to declare it a "UNIVERSAL rule of thumb."

When building a single-staged rocket that separates in or near the center (like this Nike-Apache model or the examples of similar models cited above); Make the shock cord a minimum of 2 x the length of the "upper-half" of the rocket. This should be done in every case.

This way, the "upper-half" has plenty of distance to "dance around and dangle" without damaging, scratching, or beating against the lower-half during recovery (whilst under 'chute.)