Nighthawk - trying to build it from plans, need help

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Jun 8, 2009
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I found the plans for the Nighthawk online. I can view and read the TIFF images, and I know from the old Semroc site that the wingspan on the glider was 16.2"

Do I need to use a copier to magnify the images, then trace them onto balsa wood or are they good as is?

Since the plans themselves don't have any measurements on them (you are just cutting out the patterns and they are all going to be scaled the same size) and are all on one sheet, I say just print it and use that as the pattern.

If you are really concerned about it, the wing+tip pattern should end up so that it fits on a 9" long piece of wood. I just printed the plans from JimZ's site and the wing ended up being about 10.25" so it's a little bigger than the original.

I just measured my Estes original pattern and measuring down the leading edge, it was 11.75" to the end of the wingtip. So it should just fit on a 12" long piece of balsa.
Just imported the jimz copy into Corel and the leading edge comes to just 11 3/4" without any scaling at all. Just like BobH48 says.

The half span is about 8 1/2" That would be a wing span of about 17" but allowing for the dihedral and anhedral that would likely give a projected span pretty close to 16.2 inches. Just like SEMROC says.

Looks like everyone's info is pretty accurate. I love it when a "plan" comes together. :)