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Jan 17, 2009
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ok folks, he's gone now...

...we can start talking 'bout him! :D

Just kidding... ...sorta :p

Nick's a great guy. I've met him, his dad and his uncle (not to mention a horde of rugrats too :) )

I was looking forward to flying with him this season and will miss him as he goes off to protect our freedoms.

I thought it would be great to give him a thread to pour over when he gets back online. So, this is it :)

One thing that *really* bugs me about this guy is that he can launch these HUGE rockets with BIG motors and typically will walk LESS to retrieve his rocket than he did walking it out to the freakin' launch pad! LOL
I never met the man and probably never will, but he is a friend.
I wish him all the best and know he will have lots of fun after boot camp.
It will help Nick knowing we are all here for him.

Nick from an old warhorse have fun, god bless.

Well, I am glad that the TDD team was able to get the Deuce's to him in time. I am especially glad that he is out learning how to serve his country and that he'll be a brave defender when the time comes, no doubt about it!

Godspeed, Nick!

I met him at NARAM. I didn't know who he was at the time, but I recignized him on TRF after I joined a few days after NARAM. Jim's got a point about recovery walks, I witnessed the 3k' J570 flight at NARAM, and it landed probably 100yd from the pad.