Nice Quest kits/parts buy yesterday!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Houston, TX
At a local hobby shop yesterday, I bought three Quest Totally Tubular kits and one Quest Apollo kit for a total of $15.99 plus tax. The shop is selling off their old model rocketry inventory at half price.

That's a bunch of parts for not much money.
Not counting recovery-related parts, we have the following:

3x yellow 12" long 20 mm tubes
18x blue 2.5" long 20 mm tubes
3x yellow 20 mm plastic nose cones

1x white 12" long 30 mm tube
1x white 6" long 25 mm tube
1x white 5.25" long 20 mm tube
1x black 20 mm plastic nose cone
1x black 30-to-25 mm plastic transition
1x black 25-to-20 mm plastic transition

3x 18 mm motor mounts (motor tubes, no centering rings, motor blocks, hooks)
1x 18 mm motor mount (motor tube, 18-to-29 mm centering ring, motor block, hook)

Chances are really good that I'm not just going to build 3 Totally Tubulars and an Apollo.

Possible options include:
- cutting up the yellow tubes and build one or more yellow and blue striped tube fin rockets
- building my first cluster model using 2 or 3 of the motor mounts
- building something like a lengthened Apollo using one of the 12" 20 mm tubes in place of the stock 5.25" 20 mm tube
- building a scale model of something like the Delta 4 Heavy using 20 mm body tubes
- doing something else, or combining one or more of these choices

Also, looking at my profile, I see that I already *have* an Apollo kit still in the packaging. Hmm...
Here's one possible use for a lot of the Totally Tubular parts:

I had to add the phantom fins to get it to be stable in the demo version of RockSim 5, btw.
Originally posted by rokitflite
Looks like a Dr. Seuss design John...

I can see that, but I was really going for the Cub Scout colors, for my Pack's "rocket shoot" next June. The pre-colored parts are perfect for that.