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Mar 21, 2009
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The wife and I got a little bored and it was such a nice day that we decided to hit the pawn shops and thrift stores to looks for any bargins. Low and behold at the local Goodwill store my wife spots this box with Estes written on it and called me over to see if it would be anything I would be interested in it. It was an old Estes Range box, opened but seemed to be intact and in good condition. I was unpriced so we went to front and asked what they wanted for it. The clerk said $3.99. Not believing my good fortune I quickly pulled out the cash and paid for it. This the box had a model called Stars and Stripes a 2 B6-4 engines, a launch pad (missing launch rod) and "Electron Beam" launch system. I decided to invite my grandson over and I "helped" him build it. Nice haul for $3.99.



It's like being dragged along yardsaleing and finding that box with 50 or so motors in it with the price tag of $1 !!!!;)

...I bought it:D
I used to have one of those. All I have left is the box that now holds two blast deflectors.
that's a great find, i dream of stumbling across a bunch of estes K kits at a carboot or yard sale - guess it will never happen.
Last year the wife found a box of over 30 models at a garage sale. It was from a retire hobby shop owner. She paid $20 for the entire box. My wife seems to have an eye for this stuff.