NIB MD-601 GPS GSM Tracker

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Feb 11, 2017
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Got tired of losing rockets and bought several GPS trackers, this one is surplus to my needs, available for $45 shipped. Brand new, weighs just 20 grams and fits into a 1.5" airframe, further details at M&vxp=mtr

I have another one of the same type, it works fine with T-Mobile or any T-Mo MVNO. Does not work with AT&T and AT&T MVNOs. SIM card not included, best deal I've found if you want a dedicated SIM is the SpeedTalk $5 a month plan, see Or just borrow a SIM from a cell phone on launch days. Obviously, only works if there is cell coverage at the launch site.

The instructions are in bad English but there are good instructional videos on YouTube, for example [video=youtube;RT_lpE4w5vM][/video]

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