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Mar 14, 2004
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Rock-A-Chute Mark IV, the Carlisle Express

This is a 3:1 upscale of the original Rock-A-Chute.

3" phenolic body, 1/8" basswood TTW fins, 1/4" lug, 38mm MMT with 3 centering rings and Slimline retainer plus 38/29mm adapter/retainer, 5/16" tubular nylon shock cord anchored to the motor tube under the top ring, and double width 1/2" elastic bungee shock absorber.

It's topped with a superbly crafted custom hardwood nose, done by Sandman. It's a shame to cover this nose with paint, but such are the travails of accuracy -- cherry red is must become.

I'm not at all pleased with phenolic tubing (it cracked twice just cutting the slots), but it's what I had. At least at this relatively small size the centering rings will serve to strengthen it. As with the BDBD, the fins will likely get some lamination, but I'm not sure what yet.