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Sep 1, 2009
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Kicking two around at present.

1. The X-2

2. A bigger X-15

Currently I'm working on the V-2 and a D powered booster and space plane combo. More on that later.

I don't think the X-2 has been done.

I'd like to hear if there's an interest.

Thanks guys,


I vote for the X-2 and then the X-15.

But here's a thought: How about just starting with the X-1 and working your way up?!! I saw an X-1A picture on your wall in one of your photos, that would be a cool ship too. So you could produce the X-1 and the X-1A in a combo pack. Okay, okay, I'm overloading, but I love the X-planes.:rolleyes:
How about something a bit more obscure like the Douglas Sky Rocket one of the other rocket planes that broke the sound barrier.
Any planes like those take months to plan and tool. Since I'm the only guy here, and I need income, the faster I can build up my kit line the better and then do the complicated stuff later on.

You might wonder how the X-2 is less complicated. Well it will require and nose cone and a small boat tail. A vacuum form turtle deck. Balsa wings and tails. The rest is built on a round BT60 body tube. This make it faster to produce.

The X-15 is very doable for the same reasons. It won't be scale but sports scale. But at a larger size very cool to have.

The X-1 I have built as an RC plane several times and again falls int the same category as the above mentioned. Same with the Sky Rocket.

Thanks for the input guys it's much appreciated.

Okay, I'll buy an X-2 as long as you promise an X-1 someday!:D

BTW, what is a turtle deck?

One more thing, how big are you talking with the X-15? I love that bird too!
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Well thanks. Believe me I'd love to do one. The X-1 that is.
On the X-15 I haven't really thought about it but somewhere along the lines of 24 inches or so.

Thanks again,


turtle deck.jpg
OK with a BT-60 tube the X-15 would be at scale length, no fudging, 23.736 inches. 8.249 inch span.

How's that sound? I can still bring it in for a reasonable price and a fairly quick turnaround. None of this next year stuff.

Hey Max thanks. If you could point me to the otters I'd like to take a look. I know about the Quest Aerospace and Estes. I have a Quest I just built.

This one would be a bit more scale in appearance and suitable for a 24 mm engines.

There has been some concerns and comments about the X-2's wings on landing. Not sure if that will be a real problem or not.

Thanks for your input.

Since you already have the facilities to make V2's, how about exploring some more variants? The obvious ones are the early A9 (horizontal fins extended right to the nose tip), A4b (winged, no cockpit, real prototype actually built) and Bumper WAC Corporal. Then there are the Russian sounding rockets based on the V2; the R-1a (basically a V2 with side pods), R-1ye (more interesting looking side pods and a specialised nose cone), R2 (externally looks like a stretched V2, internally totally different), R-2a (do to an R-2 what the R-1ye did to the V2).

Here's my scratch-built R-2a to give you some idea of what it looks like.
As long as you're asking, my vote goes to a 29mm Mid-Power X-15, something that can fly on E-F-G. Whoops, you asked this in the LPR forum. Well, maybe down the road sometime...