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May 2, 2009
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i masked a yellow rocket with newspaper now the ink is on the paint.
i tried soap an d water, but it didn't help much.

any cure other than sanding it off and repainting?

I had that last Sunday!!! I was really PO'd!

Let it dry for about 3 days. Wet sand it off with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

Recoat. other options!

It really wasn't that bad to fix...just had to wait until it dried really well.

Originally posted by Elapid
now the ink is on the paint

Ya know, I could laugh and point my finger at you . . . except that I have done exactly the same thing.

Sandman is probably right, now the hardest part is going to be waiting for the paint to set really well. And you DO need to WAIT. Only other choice is to use solvent to strip off all the paint (and this will probably take most of the primer and sealer with it).

It is a statement of the obvious, but it could be worth your while to grab a roll of 'butcher paper,' or something like it, for future masking tasks?
Originally posted by powderburner
It is a statement of the obvious, but it could be worth your while to grab a roll of 'butcher paper,' or something like it, for future masking tasks?

Yeah, count me in as "been there; done that"... <sigh>

I have had excellent success masking areas with wax paper. I pick up rolls of the stuff at my local $1 store.

Sandman's gotta wet sand your current project to get rid of the newsprint. However, you could try automotive rubbing compound if you have any handy.

I know one of the hardeset things to do is wait...
but... it seems to me that if you let each coat or color dry completely before masking and painting...
you wont have this sort of problem.... the ink is only sticking to the wet paint...

I can build fairly quickly if needed... but I usually take at least a week to paint one...

Sorry for your trouble.. and I hope this may help...
Good luck...!!!
I wouldnt of thought the ink would actually be sticking to the wet paint. Newspaper ink rubs off on everything!
Try using the plastic from supermarket shopping bags - works great (and if you've replaced all those plastic chutes your kits come with - them too!!)
I just went through this the other day on the A-SLAM. I had a bottle of Orange Blast (Citrus based cleaner) and used a cotton cloth and the ink came right off.
I find it hard to believe in old movies when you see babies being born that they used to wrap cab ladden toddlers in newspaper...what's that about?

In a crunch, a pinch or emergency... Newspaper with or without the ink is probably the most sterile material you could find to use.... it's never been touched by human hands (except maybe the outer most piece, that has been touched, wrapped or thrown by deliver boy).

How'd I do???
Is the print smeared? Is it still readable? I think it would be cool to have a newspaper finish on an all white rocket.
i did get it off with 99% isopropyl alcohol that i had around.
i tried the citrus-based solvent workie.

the iso took some paint with it, but the ink came off instantly.