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Jan 18, 2009
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One of the things I have to do for our new club is produce a newsletter...It needs a name.
While I have a couple of ideas, I thought it might be fun to hear suggestions from the people on the forum....
How 'bout it...??? This could get funny (or weird)....
oh, not enough information guy :)

What is the name of your club?
Is there a specific focus to your club? (Education, competition, design, hpr, etc)?
Your location (state, lakes, mountains, desert, trees, etc)

All of these (and more) can help better define the group and can *really* help with the name.

Years ago I founded the Goddard Society (after Robert Goddard) and was wrestling with a news letter name. Then I re-read the story of Goddard's first liquid fuel rocket launch in Auburn Mass. It seems he launched it at his uncles farm and after a short (60 second i beleive) flight, it landed right smack in the middle of his Aunt Effie's cabbage patch (much to the chagrin of Aunt Effie)...

Well, *that* dropped right out of the sky and our news letter became "Aunt Effie's Cabbage Patch". It even won a few NAR awards for graphics and content :)

I also knew of a story of a young Goddard (teen years) where he would venture out on his parents farm and sit up in the tall branches of a remote cherry tree, looking out to the horizon and contemplating the future (where he got many of his rocketry ideas). That lead to a colume in our news letter called "View from a Cherry Tree"

names are *so* much fun if you put some thought into them :)

D'OH....What was I thinking???
We're the BIRMINGHAM ROCKET BOYS (in line with Mr Hickmans book), and just getting started...We are hoping to fill a niche here in Central Alabama, where there has been no NAR representation for quite a while...There is a great club to the south (SEARS) and a great club to the north (HARA), but nothing in the middle...
One of our plans is to go into the schools and push rocketry in math and science classes...We are already involved in the TARC program in one of the local High Schools...
Just a group of good ole' guys having fun with rocketry, and wanting to make it available to all...LPR as well as HPR, we have it all...and want to share...
I like the name "Up in Smoke", but unfortunetly if your from my generation that has sort of a "negative" connotation...LOL
Maybe the kids wont get it...but then again...
I don't know...I would like something fun and catchy...something to make you feel at home...??? or at least make you think rockets...or something that would keep you from trashin' the thing...LOL

Come on guys...lets have fun with this....(read... I might be lazy...NOT).
again, what is teh terrain like down there? Up in Maine, we have Pine Tree Rocketry for a club, but they dont have a newsletter. CMASS had the Centenial at one point, but I havent gotten one yet in my year or so of membership. Though there are some interesting things in teh archives. I dont know if you can view them if your not a member, though.

I cant think of anything good at the moment, but if you tell me what its like down there, I might think of something....:rolleyes:
Steward, I have been thinking about your question on and off, but nothing pops into mind. At least, nothing clever, catchy, or enticing.
One small observation that I can offer, however, is your current club name. Anyone that knows me will know that 'political correctness' is FAR from the top of my list, but I would suggest a re-consideration of 'Birmingham Rocket BOYS'
There is an (unavoidable) percentage of self-righteous do-gooders (bigots, in other words) out there who will immediately jump to the conclusion that your club is a bunch of drunken redneck pyromaniacs, and not only will they never consider checking out your club themselves, but they will ridicule and actively discourage anyone they know or hear about from joining in. Perhaps: Birmingham Garden and Lower Atmospheric Explorers (the gardening part is in reference to failure-to-deploy-type landings).
Also, there are some who will note that 'Boys' does not include 'Girls' (unless someone is confused about their identity) and therefore might not become interested in your club. Substitution of the word 'People' makes for an interesting club acronym: BURP.
Finally, we would never want to exclude, intentionally or otherwise, the fine people from surrounding communities. Widening the geographical portion of your club name to 'Alabama' opens up the possibility of something like 'Alabama Rocketry Club,' or ARC. Kinda matches the trajectory/ballistics part of rocketry. Could make for a cool T-shirt logo?
I was going to say something like that, but then forgot about it.:eek: Political correctness does come up... Even though rocketry is more of a guys thing (see the tread called "questions from the wife" or something...:rolleyes: ), it might drive away the potential woman who wanted to join. Central Massachussets Spacemodeling Society is a good name if you ask me (CMASS is an acronym for that), it includes a big area, doesent have anything that could start a riot, and just sounds cool. If I were you, I might look at a different name. I like the one you have, but others might not. I agree with Powderburner 100%.

Booster Stage (double entendre - A place for those who support us to show off)

Uplink or Downlink
Some universal names are things like

The Core Sampler
The Turf Trek
Smoke Trails

More regional names like

The Southern Star
The Flash Pan
Alabama Astrozone
May I suggest the one I often use to describe the Washington Post?

The Smoke Screen