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Aug 20, 2003
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Hi all,

I'm here today for Paul, who has been snowed under with rocket stuff to be doing, and regrettably has not had chance to make it over here for a chat yet! He is on the case though, and will be along soon!

So, with my reporters hat on, I'm here to tell you all what's going on at the moment with the Deepsky/Hesperis partnership!

First of all, work is well under way with the brand new website, which I'm sure you'll all be very impressed with. This one is being done by someone who knows exactly what they're doing, and he's a rocketeer as well which is a help! I've seen some previews of the new site, and it looks great. there's a full shopping cart system, automated online ordering, credit card payments etc etc...all very upmarket and I'm sure you'll be able to spend many a happy hour there! We're hoping to be going live with it around the first week in March, but as you'll appreciate, there's a lot of stuff on the current site to be moved over and re-formatted don't panic if it's not up on March 1st!

The first of the new modular launch pads should ship out next week...and I'll post some pics here as soon as I get them from Paul. The pad is designed so you only need one pad whatever you get bigger just get an upgrade kit for your need to go and buy a whole new one.

Motors are proving a big headache at the moment. The UK distributors are out of stock of just about everything once news there then...but we have quite a few in transit from the States at the moment. D motors are in particularly short supply. I would suggest to all of you flying A-C that you use Quest motors...yeah I know they had a reputation for going bang at one time, but they are our motor of choice in that impulse range, and we've never had a bad 'un (and we've used a few! ) They seem to have longer burns and more smoke than the Estes equivalents which is fine by me! Give them a go if you haven't may be surprised!

Also the new Estes Renegade and Blackbird kits are on order...again having to be shipped from the States due to a policy of hardly stocking anything by the UK distributor.

I have some "Deepsky UK Tour" dates for you...all you need now is the T-shirt!

Confirmed attendance for the following launch events:

29 Feb SWARM in Devon, 7 March EARS in Cambs, 10 April WRS in Lancs. Big EARS in May. UKRA2004 in June. KLOB in September.

More to be announced soon!:D

I'll be back with more news as it, back to the studio....

Deepsky Rocket Supplies

Thanks for the post and Welcome to the Rocketry Forum!!! I know I speak for our UK brothers when I say THANKS for picking up on vendoring "over the lake". It was a bit shakey there for a while, but glad to see you guys changed hands successfully and wish you the best in your business endeavours.


This all sounds amazing! Im looking forward to the new site, and I'm litteraly shaking with excitiment waiting to hear more about your pad :D

A question about the pad, Does it come with a rod?!?! My rod has gone all bendy over the winter :(

I'm glad this is working out well for you both :)

Originally posted by deepsky

I have some "Deepsky UK Tour" dates for you...all you need now is the T-shirt!


Oh no you've gone and done it now,we like our tee shirts here and your just going to have start knockin em out,mines a size large;) :D :D :D