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Feb 29, 2004
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Hi everyone my husband got me in to this and i love it I hope to hear from you all and i will have lots of questions Thanks
Welcome to the forum. You are indeed a rare breed. If I tried to get my wife interested in rocketry I think she'd retaliate by trying to get me into new age music. Does this mean he also bought you a rocket? Give us some details, and post pictures. LOTS of pictures.
Greetings and welcome to the hobby! Ask lots of questions, and you'll get lots of answers. It's a great group of knowledgeable and helpful people here.

So, have you built your first rocket? I second Fishhead: post pics!
Hello Mrs. B!! Welcome to the greatest forum in the world! (Shouting from hill top!!) As the others have said, ask lots of questions and post lots of project updates. Pictures are always welcome!!:D
I can't wait to tell my wife that someone else's wife has just joined the forum. I'm going to tell her how much you love rocketry and how you go to all the launches with your husband. I will embelish and make up as much as possible as she has yet to attend a launch with me. But she has promised to this summer after she finishes nursing school. Again welcome, and enjoy.

Welcome! I noticed you had signed up and was wondering if you would be active. Bring on the questions, pics, your advice, etc
Mrs.Bowhunter, welcome to rocketry and welcome to TRF! I can't express enough how much *easier* it is to get into this hobby, stay with it and enjoy it because of a place like TRF.

If you're excited because of something exciting that happened, you have a place for bragging rights where others will listen and comment with enthusiasm

If you're frustrated becasue of something not going right, you have a place to shed a tear and to ask questions where you'll be met with helpfull suggestions.

all good stuff :)

My wife isn't a member of TRF, but she reads often and has a whole new respect for the sport because of our business. She is also a **major** player in this business and wouldn't miss a launch for all the tea in Chinia! :)

Welcome and have fun!
Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the warm welcome! Indeed i may be a rare breed but
i've always been one to be my own person! lol

So far i have only built one rocket and it actuallt flew!!!!

After we attended last saturday's launch in Elsberry, Mo. I made my husband stop on the way home and buy me a new one to work on.

If all goes well and i dont screw it up .. i would like to launch it at next months launch.

As for the guy who wants to embelish for your wifes sake .. go for it! lol ... tell her how much fun i think it is! Ill back you up on that one lmao.

Anyway ... if anyone has any good tips for me .. write back.
Ill send pics as i build my new rocket.

Thanks again,
Sorry, just couldn't resist. If you did, my wife would kill me.

Mrs. B, we are glad you have joined us here on TRF! I am not sure if we informed your hubby, but before you go empty the family savings account buying rockets, you may want to pace yourself until the next Hobby Lobby sale.
HobLob puts their rocket kits on sale for half price about every two months or so, and there should be another sale coming up in a few weeks?
Also, the Sunday newspaper always seems to have a coupon in the Michael's MJD insert, good for 40 percent off any item (occasionally 50 percent off). Michael's carries a few rockets and starter kits, and you may find something good there. Now I don't want to hear about you and Mr. B fighting over the coupon in the Sunday paper, so remember to borrow an extra coupon from the neighbors.
Hi and I would like to announce that I gave my wife the rocketry bug and I love it. Dont worry guys Ill keep her busy with new kits:D and Ill keep her flyin. Dont worry dear your hooked and its a GOOD thing. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Isn't that funny.
My wife's name is Deb, too. Actually she goes by Debbie.

Congrats Mr. Bowhunter. It looks like some of us are a bit jealous. ;)

Not me!

I'm not gonna share my toys!!

I don't have to!

Your husband must be a member of St. Louis Rocketry Association if you went to the high power launch they had in Elsberry. I have gone to several of their model rocket launches in Buder park. Welcome to the forum! lets see those pics!

You must have missed kindergarten the day they taught about sharing. But becuase im sooooo nice i will fill you in ... if you share your toys then she might share hers and if you dont then you might find yourself on the couch! lmao
Welcome to TRF. I see that another wife is hooked. My wife is hooked. Sometimes since starting the business and putting up with my stuff all around and helping with the business I am sure she wonders why she likes it. Keep building and post pictures.
Welcome, Mrs. B, you know we're expecting you to inject a little sanity here...:D

Not that we'd pay any attention to a sane person...:p