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Great Bertha family!

Your TLP kits are certainly cause for drool! VERY NICE! Have you ever built an Estes Phoenix? How would you compare the Estes version vs. the TLP version?
Estes "Nike Fin Family". Python, Terrier-Sandhawk, Sea-hawk SM-3. All out of production but I think some of their best flying birds. If you can find them; BUY IT!!!:)
Futuristic and Alien Craft: Estes Meteor Masher, Estes Exo-Skell, Estes Explorer Aquarius, Flis-kits Deuces-Wild and USS Grissom. Thank you for your patience!!!:D
Wow, those are some nice rockets. Maybe because I'm a Cold War baby, I really like the Nikes. My next project will be a scratch or clone of an N-Terrier.
Great rockets! good pix of 'em too :)

The Farside-X was always a "wanna have" when I was young. I had 2 Farside's, but never got the -X version and always wanted it...

In fact, someplace, I still have one of the lower stages stashed away :)

Good lookin' job on the Deuce and Grissom too :)
wow!! lotta nice rockets there. thanks for brightening my day!!
Wow, looks like you have some nice finishes and a nice collection. Good job. Hope they aren't finished so well ya don't want to fly them though! :)

Sure don't look like no 'newbie' to me. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing what other people have built.