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Scotty Dog

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Mar 1, 2010
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New guy here. Name is Scott. 51 yrs old end of month. Started building rockets back when I was about 10. My Dad got me all the fixxing to get started in rocketry for x-mas. Centuri was the brand. Back then you had to trace out the fins and hand cut them out of the balsawood. Balsa nose cones, ect. Grew older and got into other things and got away from rockets. I spent some time in AZ in the 90s.Came back to NH and there was a new little hobby shop in town .Stopped in and they had the 30th Anniversary "Apollo 11 Saturn V" Estes Master series kit.This is the best machine in my eyes that man built. I have LOVED this rocket since I can remember. I allways said someday I was going to kit. So here was the chance to get back in to rockets and my favorite one was rite there in front of me. I bought it!!! at the time tho--The wife and I were living in a very small apartment. I never even started the Saturn till we moved into a new home we bought. I built others in the mean time durring the winter. But I didnnt want to get started on the Saturn and have to pack it up everytime I was not working on it Anywhoo-You will see how far along I am with it buy the Picture of my fleet. In the picture are the "Snapshot" ,Quest -"Superbird" Estes -"Stormchaser," Estes- "Alpha",Estes- "Bull-Pup",Estes- "Mercury Atlas" The Atlas I found at a yard sale and it was half built and kind of a mess. And then theres the Estes-" Saturn V". I need a set of decals for the Bull-Pup if anyone knows were to get some ?Also, I have the Estes-"CC Express" I bought last week.Thats still in the bag.Glad to be here and looking forward to flying again. Scotty Dog

my fleet.JPG
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Welcome! We are happy you decided to join in, and from the looks of that pile of rockets, you should be joining in to give advice right off the bat!
Welcome to TRF! There is a lot going on around here and LOTS of rockets to build. Feel free to look around, ask questions (and answer them) and if you haven't guessed yet, everyone here really likes pictures, so you're already on the right track.:)
Tango Papa Decals and Excelscior Rocketry sell decals. One or the other should have what you need. Both are first rate quality. Also, welcome back.
Tango Papa Decals and Excelscior Rocketry sell decals. One or the other should have what you need. Both are first rate quality. Also, welcome back.

STICKERSHOCK23.COM also does great decals....
Drop him a line, he is a regular on the forum.

Oh, and welcome back to the fold brother....
Well,Thank you all for the "Welcomes". Im gonna try and launch a couple rockets this weekend if weather permits. Of course Ill get some pics and maybe a video. Scotty Dog PS. Thanks for the tips on the decals
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Welcom back to the hobby. If you ask me ,it`s better the second time around(being a BAR that is) as a "big kid" we now have more money to build bigger and better stuff....although nobody ever gives up Estes ! I myself got back into rocketry about 8 years ago and am having a great time !!