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Sold NEW - Wildman Recon Chutes 24" Drogue, 30" & 40"

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May 2, 2009
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NEW - Wildman Recon Chutes

All chutes are SOLD. Thanks for looking.

These are made similar to Rocketman and SkyAngle chutes with 4 nylon webbing shroud lines like a Rocketman, but also the Heavy-duty swivel like a SkyAngle

(SOLD) 24" Recon Drogue - Very sturdy with heavier lines than their standard chute.
$27 - ships 1st class for $3

• (SOLD) 30" Recon

$30 - ships 1st class for $2

• (SOLD) 40" Recon
$47 - ships 1st class for $4

Shipping is to lower 48. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas to all!

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I use the Recon drogue as well as the 50" and the 60". Fantastic chutes and top notch quality. Jackie makes a great chute, no question.
I’ll take the 30” and 40” recon chutes. My Chase account allows me to send money via ZELLE with no fee, or Paypal if you want.