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Sep 21, 2009
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on my beefed up V-2, I have a tube in the center of the NC, to hold pill bottles with BB's in them, and then I have a clip holding them in. I wanna use this threaded rod then this piece of steel to hold it in, there are two holes in the steel(not sure what this piece of steel is called, it comes with U-bolts, its flat with 2 holes)one hole goes one the threaded rod, then other on the bolt
then I take a bolt and screw into the T-nut, would this be safe?
Should work Fine. The adjustable nose weight on our X15 is similar to that. The pill bottles may break though on landing. I use a coupler tube that fits in your tube in your cone. Fill the coupler with Lead shot and epoxy slurry. Then cut it into different size slugs.