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Apr 10, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I would like to announce the opening of my online store Michael’s Mid Powered Rockets,

My goal is to provide you with quality mid power rockets and support equipment along with great customer service. I will also be developing technical information that addresses the needs of mid power rocket enthusiasts.

My first mid powered kit is the Ni Hao (mandarin for hello). This is a 2.6” airframe about 4 feet tall and is designed as an entry-level rocket for mid power. It is easy to build and I provide detailed instructions and drawings. This is in stock and ready to ship.

I also have a field launch pad that can accommodate launch rods up to 3/8”. The launch rod is not included but is easy to find at the hardware store. This is in stock and ready to ship.

Plus, I have a few Estes kits on my site but, this will not be a regular item. When I get a good deal on something I will list it on the site. These will usually be kits, parts like stray nose cones, and an occasional used item. So, if you see something in this area of the site that you want, don’t wait too long because it may be the only one available.

I have a section for graphics. I am a long time sign maker and am able to provide you with graphics for your rockets (I also do signs, banners, window graphics, etc). This is a custom section for those of you who want vinyl graphics for your rockets. Contact me and I can price graphics for your application.

Finally, I have been developing and testing a 2.6” airframe Black Brant II. Everyone likes this rocket. I expect to release it by the end of July. This is designed around the 29mm motor mount and loves the G71 Redline motor.

So, stop by the store and shop around, visit my blog, visit my wife’s tea store, and I hope that you like what I have offer.

Thank you,

nihao cover.jpg


BBII Launch.jpg

Is that black brant picture from CRASH?
I think I've seen you testing it then. Nice shot, by the way.
Thanks, that rocket has flown a lot out there and everyone likes watching it fly.
The release date for the Black Brant II will be pushed back a few days. I am getting some parts made and when I get them it will be ready to ship. I will let everyone know when it is ready to go.
Is the Black Brant going to have a full vinyl body wrap or more traditional decals?

The roll pattern will be painted, while the lettering and goose icon will be vinyl. I use vinyl for the roll pattern on my test vehicles but, it is fairly difficult to apply even for someone who is experienced working with vinyl graphics (me). Therefore, I decided that it would be a lot easier for the builder to mask and paint the roll pattern. I may add it as an option to be purchased separately. The good news is that I do provide a full size pattern for the layout of the roll pattern.