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Ryan S.

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Mar 24, 2003
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I saw a commercial for this Krylon "Fusion" spraypaint that is meant for plastics. the nozecone problem may be solved forever. Anyone know how well it works?
Ryan, I believe this may have been discussed on TRF before. You might do a search. Hobby Lobby has it for $2.99 a can this week, although it might be less at Michael's w/a 40% coupon. I have a can, but I've not used it.
I like the Fusion paints and have used white as a primer for other Krylon non-Fusion colors.
I've used it with great success on several rockets.

Just a compatability warning: It does NOT go well with Krylon flat black regular paint. Other compatability issues may exist with other non-Fusion paints, so be sure to give them a good test before you ruin a nice paint job that is almost finished! (I haven't tried mixing Fusion with Fusion, yet, but that's in the plans for this week sometime.)

I didnt realize it have been discussed, I saw the commercial and it kept saying new so I thought it was new.