New "sports" in the 2024 Olympics

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Going back to the earliest posts, I was thinking of synchronized underwater breakdancing.

As far as real athletic events, arm wrestling seems inherently sensible. Although there may have to be left handed and right handed categories.
Indeed, death is on the line!

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I do find that somewhat conceivable!
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I’ve only ever been interested in 2 sports, mountain biking, and HEMA.

For Olympic sports, mountain biking and skiing are my favorite events, but mostly because those are both sports I participate in. Mountain biking doesn't work as well being televised as other sports. The networks around here only seem to show gymnastics, a handful of swimming events, select basketball games and a few second clips of everything else.
Adding curling was the biggest win in recent memory as far as I’m concerned. Otherwise I’m something of a traditionalist: 100 meter dash, barefoot on a dirt track, in the nude. The winner gets a laurel wreath and his choice of which city to sack next season. 😉
The foils have current running through them so yes... :)

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Those are epées in that clip.

I'm not sure if foil is in the Olympics. I seem to recall that sabre was added in the last couple of decades. Epée has been an Olympic sport for a long time — probably because the rules make it easy for technology to objectively score the match, no need for fallible human judges.

Edit: I was way wrong. Foil has been in the Olympics since 1896, with epée and sabre added in 1900. 🤷‍♂️

But those are epées in the clip.
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My objection to most of the new "sports" is the entire score is determined by judges. There is no objective scoring to determine the winner. Ballet is just as athletic as figure skating. Why is it not included? There are many other examples.