New "sports" in the 2024 Olympics

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My personal interests are archery and cycling, there is almost no coverage of those. There are a lot of shooting events but they won't show any of that, and mostly it would probably be boring to watch. The television coverage is aimed at lowest common denominator and mostly misses me completely.
I don't know how I feel about adding in various fringe sports. I really don't like that they allow professional athletes to compete now.
After discussions with fellow employees that were way too long about fruits and vegetables and games and sports, the conclusions I used to not think that golf was not a "real" sport because it did not involve aerobic exercise (wrong). After years, the best I could come up has to do with scoring. A game has winners and losers. Sports are a subset of games.
Take something like golf - points are deducted during play. The player with the least points is the winner, not necessarily the person to finish first - sport. The 100 yard dash is a contest that is only determined by by who completes the objective first, no "internal" scoring - game. Some Olympic events are sports. They are all games. Play a baseball game. Baseball is a sport. George Carlin would have fun with this. RIP
Seems a bit overcomplicated, but I agree that sports are a subset of games.

I propose: "A sport is a game that is played outdoors and requires some measure of athletic ability."

Edit: Eliminated "outdoors" because that would then exclude things like wrestling, boxing, and hockey.

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What would some of the competitions be?!

- Highest
- Lowest
- Closest to pad
- most different engines in one rocket (on different launches)
- Egg lofting
- Prettiest! :)

There was a Very Short Lived "Reality TV" show on Discovery Channel called Master Blasters.

One of the contest Episodes was sending Mini Coopers thru Football Goal Posts with 150mm P motors.

Talking to one of the "Rocketry Actors" about being on that show he explained how these Reality TV shows were all scripted, especially any arguments between teams.

OK, here is the exact spot in the LDRS 22 Rocket Challenge where the "Speed Builds" for the K motor rockets begins so you don't have to find it out of the 15 video clips on you tube.

Parts are first come first served as they have to run to the parts counters.

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Someone came up with the idea of a Biathlon. Let's have cross country skiing but with rifles...
Biathalon comes from Scandinavian tradition and their military patrols and drills using skis. The US formed the 10th Mountain Division after seeing the effectiveness of the Finnish ski units during WWII. The competitive biathalon reflects the military drills for those units.

It seems crazy to me that those athletes can perform such strenuous cardio and still control their breathing and HR enough for accurate shooting. That's certainly worthy of an Olympic level athletic skills.