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Jan 20, 2009
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I think someone may be missing the market for their product here. Paper cones that are bright orange and only cost $2.50 each... hmmm... why does this sound so darn enticing? :D :D :D

What do you guys think?

Disposable Traffic Cones

Definitely sounds interesting. To be like a "traditional" plastic/rubber cone, it would have to be somewhat heavy. For $2.50-$3 though, it's hardly an expensive gamble to take! Please update us with anything more that you find out ;)
From what it looks like, they aren't heavy at all. The bottom has an outward-cupped lip that is for putting the weight into (sand, gravel, waterbags, etc). The description of the product says that its about the same thickness as a cereal box, which is roughly the same as our mainstream BT's. I may just have to order myself a couple and see what happens!

You'll want to order at least six to make the postage costs affordable, I'm afraid. $2.50 for a cone and $19 for parcel post to my zone takes it from "gee, I'll try that" to "I'd rather buy a new Redstone."
I have made cone rockets out of birthday party hats.

You can get 8 in a pack for only a couple of dollars.

Go to a party store and you have an unlimited selection of designs to choose from.


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