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Feb 22, 2003
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After a rough couple of months, with my grandfather having a Stroke, and my suffering a fractured jaw during oral surgery, I decided to focus on updating my Scale Rocketry site. So today, the 6th of May, the site has gone live.

As an aside, in the next few weeks, I'll be moving it to my personal ISP webspace. Even though Tripod has been fantastic for the last 8 years, I've grown tired of their adds that dominate the top and bottom of every page.

Anyways, I'll be sure to post the update when the move happerns, but for now, the link to the new "live" site is:


New jazzier graphics are now present, a more modern rocketry-based look, and the same content.

In my opinion, its the best site I've ever done, but I'll leave the final word to you my rocketry family. 8)


Kudos for a very nice site. I'll be back there to download some of the tools you have there too. Nice work. Some day, I'd like to have a site too for displaying projects and such. Yours is a very original design. I like it! There are a lot of "me too" sites and it is nice to see one that stands out from the crowd. Excellent scale data and drawings.

Do you do this professionally too?

Len Bryan
Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, really appreciate it. 8)


I would love to include scale data from other members, but I'm in a quandry - Both options are free..so..

1) stay with Tripod and get 20 meg of space - currently using 2.5 meg, and then I could upload some data from community members - we'd have to put up with the ads is all.

2) Move the site to my private ISP space - 10 megs, less space, no ads at all.

I think decisions will be based on the data that could be provided.

To be honest, I'd love to focus on scale designs that say are a bit harder to come by, or that fall into the category of "lacking data", or failing that requirement - would make future TRFProjects, like the Aeronautica Argentina: Orion 2 has.

I'm really tempted to do a Dyna-Soar addition, having enough data (I think) for such a section.

One project that I've started and would like to continue collecting data for would be the entire Sandia series. Especially given my adoration for Sandia's own Sandhawk, and my recent friendship with Richard Hay at Sandia National Laboratories.

I'm certainly open to options, projects and ideas. 8)


No, I don't build professionally, but am pretty handy with Paint Shop Pro 7, Adobe Illustrator (still learning), and DeltaCad - to name but a few...

I do golf course design as a hobby for a PC golf game, having designed 2 real courses, and working on a 3rd course from 1931. Most of my skills were developed editing images and the like, and creating panoramas.

My website is built with Trellix for Web, Publish anywhere edition, and its a WYSIWYG type of editor. No hand coding ( though I can do that if I have too - in a word..bleh ! ), and very simple to use.

Cheers guys..^5ss

I use https://www.intergate.com for an ISP.

For $9.95 a month they give you 100 MB web space and 100 e-mail addresses. For $19.95 a month you get 300 MB on-line storage and 300 e-mail addresses. For $34.95 a month you get 500 MB on-line storage and 500 e-mail addresses.

That's the best deal I could find.

Bob Krech

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