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Dec 4, 2014
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At NARCON Tim announced an agreement with Shrox to release the Shrockets plans as rocket kits. The first kit is close to being complete, it is the SkonkWulf kit!

The rocket is based on a BT-80 size tube, and is even better than the original because it has through-the-wall fins and slotted tubes.

When the kit is released, you’ll find it at:

I have watched the prototype fly at SCORE in Pueblo. There should be more based on what was flown today.
I have a plan pak and decals purchased from Shrox website along with the raw materials ready for a build - not sure when I'll start since I have several other rockets in- work. I'm planning on reconfiguring the decals a bit - leaving of the NSFK and making the markings more like the current German Luftwaffe aircraft. As much as I appreciate alternate history, read plenty of Turtledove's books, I'd rather my Skonk Wulf fit in with my Estes Interceptor and Sirius Interrogator as allies rather than enemies.
I sold mine assembled. I would like to do a 4" version of the kit. I still think I have decals for this kit that Mark@stickershock made. If any of you guys are interested in vinyl decals PM