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New Scans of Estes D-Region Tomahawk (1944)(BT-60) Fins w/ruler and other measurments

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Mar 27, 2013
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For clarity, this is a request for the BT-60 based D-Region Tomahawk (1944)(ca. 1985-1986), and not the 1.8" OD version (2037) (with plastic fin can from a few years ago). At this time, the later version is beyond my ability to simulate properly due to the nature of the plastic parts (unless someone has one they can send me :wink:).


I've been to JimZ's site, and the scans of the fins are incomplete. There's no indication of what the dimensions of the fins are (except for the fin gussets, which is contained in the instructions). I need to know the width of the balsa, and the length of the fin root. Ideally, someone has an opened, unbuilt one that they can scan the fins for me (preferably with a ruler to ensure accuracy).

Also while the scans of the decals on JimZ's are large and well done, there's no indication of scale for them. I can use them as is, if someone could measure the width of one of the wraps. There's one issue that I'd like to confirm with someone... The "brown band" looks to be black from the scan is this an accurate observation?