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Aron Sanford

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Jul 9, 2004
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Hi guys/gals!
I just sent in a review to EMRR for the Rocketpad kit, MEGA DRIFTER. It's a cool upscale of an old Estes kit. Uses C11 & D motors & looks real neat on launch! My son helped in the construction of this one & he had fun. Happy I got him in to rockets, we need mor rocketeers! The kit is 28.750" in length with a body diameter of 1.6". It also uses a balsa boat tail-not paper!! And a plastic nose cone with balsa fins. It came with good quality parts & some awesome looking decals! The instructions were fine with no errors OR spelling errors I could find. Very pleased with it. They are getting much better here. I am happy to do a review now & then to help out other rocketeers to see what is out there, it's fun & somthing a little different to partake in! The review should be in the next update at EMRR! it's more fun than ever to be a BAR!
Yep got it. Did you see my note about ZIPPING and resending the pictures? Some became corrupt. Please resend them.