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Jan 18, 2009
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Sabrina Lauren Rogers was born on 11/24/04 at 5:30 am

9lbs 2oz

Cherish these young years. They only stay small for a short
time. Next thing you'll know, you'll be planning High School
graduation events.

Teach her well.
Hmmm, looks like you will have to divert rocket R&D and construction funds over to Astronaut training for your new recruit there...:D

Congratulations on the new arrival! Before ya know it, she'll be runnin around the house making "woosh!" noises. Probably with one of your latest builds off the work table. ;)
If you see the size of rockets Joel builds... I don't think she'll be running around with his rockets anytime soon :D. So...Joel... which birthday or Christmas is she getting her first rocket ;).
Congrats to you and yours.
Talk about a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope the Wife and daughter are doing fine.

Now maybe we'll get to see you again at some CMASS events.

Bob Krech
Hey pal. Is that red hair I see under that beannie? Wikked!

Congrats on the birth!! Now teach her how to talk properly and none of that Bahstahn accent stuff. ;-)

BBB all around!

Chuck and the gang
congrats on the baby girl... Keep em little for as long as you can...someone once told me we should shower them with love til they turn 10, bury them until there 21, dig em up and let em go.
Well having the last of 3 girls now out on her own. it sure is quiet around here:D
enjoy them while they are young... they grow up WAY to FAST.
Proud Pa Pa;)