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Nice, it's finally out. :D

I believe that's one of Shrox's designs. *edit: heh yeah I guess it is...."
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Time for another road trip down to the Springs, but I hope the Hybrid makes it up the hill! Just trying to relate to the auto execs. Maybe I will do a UAW paint scheme just to annoy the NEOCONS and inspire the Bleeding Heart Liberals at the next launch. But no matter how far to the right or left we might be it is our duty to spend, spend, spend, our discretionary income on model rockets and keep that consumer sector on track.
Hmmm... Looks like their might be an opportunity for some brave soul to turn this into a neat 3-engine cluster rocket... :D
Just don't fly it to Washington. They'll demand you sell it off.
I like it.

I like the colour scheme..
kinda reminds me of....

(Balsa USA "Northstar" I built, like.. years ago!)