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KT Chuteless

Jul 15, 2004
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I just got done building a scramin mimi. I want a new rocket but i would like to get a clustered one, or staged one.. My Question is... what is a good rocket to buy that comes with a cluster or stages?
One of the coolest cluster rockets you'll find is the Deuce's Wild by Fliskits.

Thrustline Aerospace has several cluster kits...
The A-Slam

The "Smoke-n-Fire" kit looks pretty neat. As does the "Double Up" if you want a staged rocket..but my favorite is the "Mike IX"

(that's me in the picture):D :D
The Deuce's Wild is definitely cool - very unconventional and a fun build! Jim Flis has me hooked - saving my pennies for a Tres.

I also enjoyed building the Semroc Goliath, a good beginner 3-engine cluster.
LOL! would have been really easy to cluster the Screamin' Mimi!

All you would have had to do is install 3 18mm motor tubes instead of the regular motor mount!
estes mongoose is a really good entry 2 stager. i would advise against a commanchee 3 unless you have an extremely large field and no wind and high visibility. i've lost two of them. its a cool looking rocket, but man, that puppy goes and goes.
for clusters, the absolute best 2 engine cluster i've ever seen is the deuces wild. that thing flies so nice. the smoke trail is sweet too. two seperate lines going up. its a really nice rocket.
for a cluster rocket I would only get that one that is sold by whats his name but it has two very distinct smoke trails and is a realy cool flier I think its called the dueces wild. now for a two stage rocket I can only think of the cheetah that fliskits sells as it is a very good flier and even if the booster piece stays on (motor ejected) it went real well the smoke trail was black instead of white but other wise I thought I had lost the booster aand was surprised when it was still attached to the rocket burnt to a crisp but still attached. It has been rebuilt and awaits paint. seriosly go to and enjoy your purchase.;) :D

The FlisKits Dueces Wild is an excellent choice for a first cluster build. I love watching this design fly. FlisKits has a real show-stopping namesake in this design!

The FlisKits Cheetah is an excellent choice for a first two stage build, it uses standard motors and is a typical two stage design.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Alright u got me!! everyone says that the flis kit is a good one. Ill have to check it out thanks for the help everyone!!
While the Duece's Wild is an excellent choice, I liked Fliskits Richter Recker 'cause it taught me how to cluster my Estes Fat Boy. And it flies really good. Looks impressive too, over 8' tall. My 2 cents.
okay I forgot the richter reckter in my previous post excellent cluster rocket and like kelltym88 stated it spawned my cluster fatboy.:D hey Jim don't jerk the line to hard till it is set or it'll break but yes I can't wait to hear what rocket is purchased ;) and the results of the buildwith fllight reports:D

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