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New RATTworks K240 for sale

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Bob Mosley

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Jan 20, 2009
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This motor set and reloads are now on auction at RocketryPlanet for $250. with $300. buy it now.

Brand new RATTworks K240 complete hybrid motor assembly (never fired) and 6 reloads for sale.
The value is $490. (motor = $250. + reloads = $40. X 6). I am asking $300. plus shipping for everything (savings of $190.)
Peak thrust = 124 lb, avg thrust = 51.5 lb, burn time = 8 seconds

More info at: https://www.rattworks.net/64mm_hybrid_motors.html#k240

The motor is 2.50" diameter and will fit 2.56" tubing for motor mount tube or airframe or can be adapted to 75mm motor tubes with an Aero Pack A6475 adapter and 75mm retainer.

Bob Mosley

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