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Jul 18, 2012
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Thanks to our own astrowolf67, I found a design I liked and wanted to impliment. I'll try to show a 4 inch Crayon on it tomorrow.
Main assembly.

Total cost approx. $70.00. McMaster Carr nailed me for $12 shipping on the rail for a total of $32. The sheet of SS cost $18 bent. I used as many SS bolts and fittings as I could find.
Hey, that looks like my <a href="">rail pad</a>! Really though, I think there have been a few people now that have made use of astrowolf's idea/plan for a rail pad. Good stuff. Great place to share info!

BTW, your pad looks GREAT painted!!!
I agree with eugene, looks sharp painted. Nice job.

I'll add something to your thread of a mod I did to mine that I never posted. It's an onboard wiring system using a 3 to 2 prong adapter, a rca jack and a 2 position switch. An extension cord plugs into the adapter which I can switch out from the rail-pad to the multi-pad.
Glad I could help Bob ;)

I hope all who have copied the design have seen my last reply to the original thread. It's been a great pad so far, but met it's maker under the thrust of a J570 this past weekend. The flight did make it off the pad stable though, went super sonic, and flew to over 8000 feet. I will rebuild it exactly like it was, as it still meets my personal needs. The damage was to the PVC, and deflector only. The only thing done to the metal, was some soot.

It looks great painted up!! I might have to do that after I rebuild my base.
Someday this pad might see an H, but not anytime soon. I will be content to use it for large MPR like the Crayon with a G or Estes V2 with an F, or whatever other MPR projects come along. I will loose no more big (for me) rockets to rod whip! It is a nice design and I was able to do the work with hand tools and my Dremel. Should last me many seasons. Thanks again.
That's what I designed it for. It's kind of funny when I design something such as this pad. Next time I do design something, I'll have my wife follow me around with a camera. It looks kind of funny, a grown man running around the local home improvement store, playing with plumbing stuff like it was Tinker Toys :p

I get some real strange looks, when I start laying stuff out in the isle trying to visualise what I want to build.