New Project, 54mm SA-14 Archer clone

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Aug 5, 2002
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I am in the midst of starting a new project for the winter. A clone of the North Coast SA-14 Archer, my favorite design of all time, but this time with a 54mm motor mount. It will be built with Giant Leap tubes, nosecone, and G10 finstock, with the strakes being 3/32" plywood, and the centering rings being 1/4" Aircraft ply.

Full dual deployment, as this bird will be my main rocket for experimental motors. Max motor will be a 54-2550!

Here is the .093" G10 stock with the fin shapes drawn on.
Here are the tubes, 2.14" and 3.9" full length tubes (48"). The nosecone I received is exactly what comes in Public Enemy kits, very nice.

The coupler is 8" long and is internall glassed.

The 54mm tube will be used as the motor mount, and as the electronics tube.
This pic is of the potential first flight motor for this rocket, a 38-900 Yellow flame motor. It has five (5) 2" long upper grains with 1/2" cores, and two 3.4375" lower grains with .625" cores. Should equate to about a J500, should be a cool, ripping motor!
I have debated for some time of cloning my SA-14 Archer, so I will watch this thread closely for your updates. Nice EX grains too I might add.

One thing I wish I had done in my 1st Archer was make it dual deploy. It has taken a number of I357 beatings, as well as a few I 161 and I 211 thrashings...I will retire my original.

good luck.
Last night I fiberglassed the main body tube with a layer of 4oz. glass for durability, as well as cut the base off of the nosecone so I can put in a ply bulkhead with an eyebolt.

Tonight if I have time I plan to attempt to cut out the main fins. I will have some pictures.
Finally an update. I slotted and glassed the tube. I then cut the tube into 18" and 30" sections. Mind you, this is definately my worst glass job ever...I will have to do a lot of sanding to get it to come out nice.
Here are the .093" G10 fins cut out. The holes are for the bolts I used to align them so they are perfectly matched. I am debating whether I should bevel them or not, I kind of like the squareness. Much less prone to chipping.
Here's another picture of the fins. The motor tube is 54mm x 20" long. The strakes have been recycled from my last Archer, and are .0625" G10. They will be glued to the tube first, then glassed tip to tip. After all 4 are attached, the main fins will be lined up against these.
Looking good. I noticed that the fins look "bumpy" or "wavy" this the tecture or a light trick?

Ahhh, reserection of used G10 parts...G10, it is not just for one rocket...
I sanded the fins for better glass's just a light trick.

Yea, G10 doesn't die with the rest of the rocket!
Originally posted by DPatell
Max motor will be a 54-2550!

Lets go slacker....havent you done any work?

you say 2550? I have one sitting right is yours if you finish the rocket