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Nov 5, 2002
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We at Rockethead Rockets has been busy in the last month adding new manufacteres product to our line of porducts.

We have added The Squirrel Works kits. These are some very nice kits that not your everyday kits.

Art Apple Whites Flaying saucers, Hourglass and Stealth kits have aslo been added. These are some of the unique kits. We even carry the 10" flying saucer that has 3 interchangable motor mounts (3 24mm cluster, 24mm and 29mm mounts)

You have seen the Crayon Rocket scratch built before and wanted one. Underdog Rockets has got everything for you in thier 29mm kit. This company is ran by a TARC withh all of the money they raise from the sales of their kits go towards their team rocket. You can purchase a great rocket and support a TARC team at the same time.

Our Newest addition and will be shipping these kit on November 19th is the Rocketpad Kits. We are taking pre-order for the Upscale clone of a classic kit. This kit is the Mega Dog. This is a 3 18mm Cluster that is 2.6" diameter.
The other Rocketpad kit that we have added is a clone of the 1960's Astron Invader. This is a great glide recovery rocket. We will be adding more of the Rocketpad kits as they become available.

We also have DMb clip whips for all of your cluster needs. These work every time and will not let you down.

We have our own line of kits and will be adding some more soon.
Our Mylar parachutes are made of the highest quality materials out there with quality our main concern. You can not beat the shipping on our parachutes. We ship any number of parachute for only $0.90

We will be adding more products from these great manufactures in the future. If any of the manufactures that we have added has a product that you would like we can get it for you.

We will be adding more manufactures in the future.

If you would like to see us add any manufactures to our line of products send us a PM and we will work on it.

To find out more information on these new prodcuts go to


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Jun 27, 2004
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I am glad that someone like Tom is carrying our Crayon rocket. I know that he will sell a lot! (he has already sold many and they havent even gotten to him yet!:rolleyes: :D ) His chutes are top of the line! That is why Underdog will soon enough be carrying them! Tom has been a great guy to work with. His service is great!


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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I cannot say enough good things about Tom and Rockethead Rockets.

I have built two of his kits, the Battle Axe and the Blink Family, both had top quality materials, great instructions and went together very quickly and easily and the Battle Axe goes like mad when cut loose on a C6-5.:D

I also ordered one of his new Lightning Strike 3X 18mm cluster kits. I cannot wait to build and fly it.:D

As for his chutes and streamers, they are really great and work very well and best of all, they're inexpensive.:D

As an example, one of his 12 inch chutes brings my Quest Big Betty in very nicely. I made the switch when the stock "trash bag and carpet thread" chute shredded.:D