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Feb 19, 2009
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I really don't know how Jim Flis does it. It's almost like he has some special rocket part transportation device that leaves rocket stuff on your doorstep.....I know USPS and UPS aren't ~that~ fast.

I ordered some parts Friday afternoon (approx. 16:00 Central Time). Come home from work Monday afternoon and BOOM there they are on the doorstep.

This is standard shipping folks....not 2-day...not overnight.


First, thank you :)

I will say this, if i'm anal about anything it's shipping and customer satisfaction. I've explained this to a number of folks and have even gotten feedback (both from within and without) to the effect that our website says "2-4 weeks"

That's a *protection*, a sort of insurance for unforeseen situations that can come about unexpectedly, but I never had any intention of letting order lay around for weeks or even days.

If someone orders from FlisKits and a week or two later they get it, intact and complete, they are happy and will most likely order again. This is good.

If someone orders something on a Friday evening and it arrives on Monday morning, guess what? That customer is telling EVERYBODY, their posting it on forums and rapidly become not only a satisfied customer but the best "word of mouth" supporter we could ever hope for.

Not every order goes out that quickly, but 99+% do and I am very proud of that. It *is* a lot of work, but it is worth it for the customer and the company. Thank you for the public "thankx" and the help you bring to making FlisKits the best rocket company on the planet.


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