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Oct 11, 2002
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While at the auto paint supply shop I found a new type of mask for painting. This stuff is wild and I think it's going to look real
(KOOL) On my 38mm rocket I've been working on the last few weeks. I did try it on one of my other rockets. But lets say. That one will need some new paint to start over. The way this stuff works it has to have alot of humidity in the air for the crystals to form. This is what gives you all the lines. I found out that if you go with a lite color at the frist base coat, And a dark color to cover the lite color. You wont have to use alot to cover the frist coat. With the dry air we have here. I'm having to rig up somthing with my EZ-up so I can get the humidity up and get the crystals to form. Here is the web site for this product. If you go into the photos you'll see how this effect will look. And this is the frist color and rocket I'm trying it on. I'll keep you guys posted.
another view. I love the effect of two sets of fins. G-10 .093 fins. PML 38mm nose cone and tubes. With two wraps of 4oz fiber glass.
29mm mount with a boat tail retainer, Timer from perfect flite. For chute deployment.
looking good , I can't wait to see the results of the lectrafinish!
First off, let me say that you've got yourself quite a "canvas" to put that mask onto! Wow.

Secondly, humidity...that's not a problem for me here in sunny, muggy Central Florida :D :D So I'm interested in getting my hands on some of this stuff--and after browsing the LectraFinish website, I *KNOW* I want to try this stuff now! Holy cow!!

Definitely keep us up to date with your progress... BTW, what paints are you using?

Thanks :)
A finish that utilizes humidity? Wow is right!
From the video, I would suspect that the washing procedure will be the key to a great finish.
I tryed the new finish out and let me say. It does not work like they say it does. On all the web sites it shows them spraying this on a flat surface. Had me wondering why right from the start. The finish is just like water. So it would just run down to the bottom of the rocket and this is where you'd get the best effect. Where the tubes come togather you get a build up of this finish, same at the bottom of the fins and below the launch lugs So when you come back and wipe it off you get this big line of the under color.
I belive it would take some work to find the right way of getting it to work right. And I dont know if it would be worth the time to find out. The types of paint I use is an auto paint. Two stage. The color coat goes on as almost a flat color. And this will flash in about 1 hour. And you can handle it with no problems of it coming off. Then its just a clear coat after that. The thing I like about it is after the frist color coat flashes you can come back and tape off you patterns. Paint you second color. And then clear coat it. Heres a picture of what it looked like. Before it was striped off.
So after all of that with the lectra finish. I just thought I'd do a simple paint job. With some tape from the auto supply store. And just a few hours. This is what I came up with.
Simple paint?! That's one nice looking flame job ya got there Mid.
As far as the Lectra, for the price and the trouble you've just explained, I think I'll pass.
Originally posted by midpwrguy
I tryed the new finish out and let me say. It does not work like they say it does.

On their homepage, the example objects that they show appear to be three-dimensional and curved, and they seem to have an even coating of this new crystal-paint. Maybe they have some 'secret' way of getting it onto a curved surface?
not a paint...

i think the key to good adhesion is in this snippet "When applied over a painted and sanded surface the LectraFinish crystals"

the sanding being the key to an even coating, i bet.
That's a bummer to hear that those crystals didn't work out so well...

But you more than salvaged it with an AWESOME paint job :cool: Way to go!! :D